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Annual End of year field clean-up and shutdown

Hello HLL Community, 

HLL will be holding our annual end of year field clean-up and shutdown on Saturday, 11/14/20 from 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.  

All HLL community members are invited and encouraged to join the HLL Board and League Commissioners to help take down batting cage netting, store field equipment, reorganize team and league storage areas, and general clean-up of all HLL facilities.   (Please reach out to any HLL Board member or commissioner if you have any questions prior to Saturday.)

HLL Board 


HLL BoD 2021 Season

Hello HLL Community members:  

Please see below your reorganized HLL Board of Directors for the 2021 Season.  As we approach the new season, please know that your BoD members are already working on all of the "behind the scenes" challenges for holding another successful HLL season.  If you have any questions please reach out to your HLL BoD members.  

Board Member Term Begin Term End
Argento, Dom Sept. 2018 Sept. 2021
Bolton, Matt Sept. 2018 Sept. 2021
Callahan, Eric Sept. 2018 Sept. 2021
Carnecchia, Brian Sept. 2020 Sept. 2023
Coulter, Matthew Sept. 2019 Sept. 2022
Fackler, Aaron (President) Sept. 2019 Sept. 2022
Garver, Jason Sept. 2019 Sept. 2022
Gingrich, Mike (Vice President) Sept. 2020 Sept. 2023
Hartzfeld, Steven Sept. 2018 Sept. 2021
Johnson, Brian Sept. 2020 Sept. 2023
McCurdy, Myron (Secretary) Sept. 2019 Sept. 2022
Meister, Pat (Treasurer) Sept. 2018 Sept. 2021
Schwenk, Matt Sept. 2019 Sept. 2022
Smith, Robert Sept. 2019 Sept. 2022
Smith, Scott Sept. 2019 Sept. 2022
Umbrell-Sevenack, Jessica Sept. 2018 Sept. 2021

Annual HLL Board General Meeting and Elections

2020 HLL Annual Meeting and Board Elections 9/20/20


Hello HLL Community.  There will be several current HLL Board members completing their 3-year term this fall.  Please consider stepping up to help lead and guide HLL each month as a Board member--three year voluntary commitment.  

The HLL Annual Meeting and board elections will be held on Sunday September 20 at 7:30 p.m.  in the downstairs of the Hershey Italian Lodge.  Covid mitigation strategies are required if attending the meeting. 

Any volunteers interested in serving on the HLL Board should send a short bio and your interest in serving on the board ASAP to Matt Coulter, the HLL Secretary.  

Fall Ball Opportunities

TBall and Colts Fall Ball sessions are now scheduled for Saturday mornings starting September 19th.  These sessions are free of charge and will follow the same format done in July and August for these age groups.  To register, please use the Sign-up Genius below.  


Also, there are still slots available for Minors and Majors Fall Ball sessions. Please use the link below to sign-up.


Colts and T-Ball baseball opportunities resume 7/25/20.

Hershey Little League is pleased to announce an opportunity for our Colts and TBall players this summer. While the league is not offering a full season due to COVID-19, we have decided on an alternative for those wishing to participate in a baseball program this summer.  The format we will be running is based loosely on a program called, “Coach Baseball Right"©  (Coach Baseball]” , []   Its purpose is to keep all kids engaged and excited about playing baseball.  

  • Sessions will be offered for families who would like to participate (60-75 mins max each). 
  • First session is scheduled for Saturday July 25th, 9:00AM at South Field.  
  • All participants are asked to register via Sign-up Genius.  Please sign-up for each date you would like to attend.  Additional sessions will be scheduled based on demand.
  • We plan NOT to charge any additional fees to any family who signs up to participate and of course either plan to: a) roll-over paid registration fee(s) to 2021 season or, b) provide refunds to any family that is unable to do so at this time.  Please email for assistance with this process.
  • We will need the support of at least 5-8 Tball/Colts coaches each session.  This past week, several coaches met and participated in a run-through of the program.
  • The HLL Waiver/Release for Infectious Diseases Including COVID-19, and a similar Waiver/Release for The Township of Derry will need to be signed by a legal guardian in order to participate.
  • Neck buffs (cloth face coverings) will also be required, and will be provided by HLL.  Players will also need to bring their own equipment and water.
  • Waiver and HLL Health Safety Guidelines can be found on HLL’s Website under HLL Health Safety [].



6/23/20 Update:

Hello again Hershey Little League (HLL) Colleagues, 

HLL will be resuming baseball activities shortly.  A lot of information has been added to the HLL Website to explain expectations regarding play resumption for our leagues.  Please access and read the HLL Health Safety Tab on the left of the website Homepage. 

The majority of the 290 recent survey respondents were in support of resuming play when it is approved by our state and local authorities.  To that end, the HLL Covid-19 Committee Task Force has worked tirelessly to put our program in a position to resume baseball while following all the safety guidelines and expectations required of by those authorities. 

Going forward, information and updates will be provided to participating families through your league commissioners and team coaches but below is very important information to go with the HLL Health and Safety expectations on the Homepage. 

Please note:  ALL players, guardians and coaches who intend to resume play MUST have a guardian signature on the HLL Waiver/Release for Infectious Diseases Including COVID-19 before he/she may resume any HLL-sponsored practices, games or other activities.   Majors (12u) and Minors (10u) parents, players and coaches must also participate in one of the COVID-19 mitigation/prevention training sessions being scheduled for later this week.  (Sessions will occur by team, and will be held at the South Field.  ALL Teener and HS Coaches must also attend one of these sessions this week.)  More instructions will be sent by coaches or commissioners.  Further instructions will be sent soon for T-Ball and Colts families resuming play this season about the COVID-19 mitigation/prevention training sessions.  Again, EVERY player must have the Waiver/Release signed by a guardian before resuming participation in HLL.   

For those families who are not able to resume participation in the HLL season this year, we will miss you this season but understand and fully support your decision.  HLL does request that you consider rolling-over your registration fees into either the 2021 season or perhaps the 2020 Fall-Ball season.  If you are unable to do either of these please let your league commissioner know and we can work to refund your HLL fees from the 2020 season.  (Team sponsorships will be rolled-over into the 2021 season as well with all rights and privileges of the standard sponsorship levels.) 

Finally, please know that schedules for the 10u/Minors, 12u/Majors, Teener C, Teener B, Teener A and HS/”Region” programs are being finalized and will be shared by the respective coaches as soon as available.  And, details about the T-Ball/Colts programs will also be shared once we have finalized their “season” activities and plans. 

Thank you to everyone for your patience, understanding and encouragement throughout this very challenging time period in our Nation, and we look forward to seeing folks again, soon. 

HLL Board.

(6/7/20) IT'S ALMOST TIME TO........

But, there will be some significant changes to how we are allowed to play and what the different leagues will look like this season.  The HLL Board and Baseball Operations Committees are working fervently on return to play standards and expectations in anticipation of Dauphin County going to "Green" this weekend.  

With that good news being said, we will be sending out a brief survey to HLL registered players in the next couple of days to determine continued interest and availability of families to resume the season soon.  

A huge thank you goes out to everyone for your patience, understanding and continued support of each other through this unprecedented time period of COVID-19.  And, we are looking forward to hearing from everyone soon.  

HLL Board

2020 Teener Leagues have not been cancelled at this time.....

Hello again HLL families. 

As we continue to plan resuming the younger leagues of HLL as soon as permissible, we wanted to also inform you that we are waiting to hear what the final plans will be for our older players in Teener A, B, C leagues. 

Once we have more guidance from the East Shore Teener League we will share this information with the HLL community as well.  Updates from that program are expected very soon.  

HLL Board

4/30/20 UPDATE to Continued suspension of Hershey Little League activities


Happy Spring Hershey Little League members,

Our 2020 Hershey Little League (HLL) season remains suspended for now but we are hopeful that progress will continue in mitigating this virus and we also gain more clarity on what our baseball season might look like. Much like the rest of the world in these times, our season certainly will be modified without a doubt and this was just affirmed this afternoon by Steven Keener, the Little League International President and CEO.  Rest assured, your HLL Board is working on potential scenarios for how we move forward at the local and Little League District level, and hopefully so in the not-too-distant future.  The only cancellations confirmed today is that there will be no Little League International 2020 tournaments at the Sectional, Regional, National or International Championship levels for any division. 

As the HLL Board considers scenarios, we continue to monitor all of the recommendations and updates from our governmental agencies and will use that information to guide decisions for when we can proceed safely.  In the coming weeks the Board may send out a small survey seeking input on proposals that are best for the majority of our HLL families.  We would really appreciate a few minutes of your time to complete this with your input and recommendations. 

So for now, please continue to stay safe and abide by the safety recommendations outlined by the Governor's Office, PA Department of Health, CDC, and Little League International. As a reminder, no practices are to be held at this time and all DTSD fields and facilities remain closed until further notice.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to any of the HLL Board members. We're looking forward to seeing everyone again, as soon as it's appropriate.

HLL Board 




4/1/20.  UPDATE

Hershey Little League (HLL) families.

Our 2020 HLL season continues to be suspended at least through APRIL 30 and we will also continue to support the efforts to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus.   Again, our HLL 2020 Season has not been cancelled.  When we are permitted to resume normal lives again, we will make any needed adjustments to our previous schedule to have a season, once we have a better understanding of when we can all “play ball” again. 

All practices, team or player get-togethers or any other form of group baseball remain suspended.  (Please also know that all Derry Township School District fields are off limits for use in any manner.)    Remember, until we can resume our normal routines, we encourage everyone to keep your kids athletically active at home or within the parameters of social distancing.   Just consider this a little-longer-than-expected pre-season!!  

Thank you again for your patience and understanding as we continue to do our part for the greatest interest of our children, families and the Hershey community. 

(Please use the links on this website to the U.S. CDC and PA DOH for questions related to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) for official updates.)  U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  ;  Pennsylvania Dept. of Health (PA DOH)

And in the spirit of the PA Governor's encouragement, “Stay Calm, Stay Home, and Stay Safe”, and DON'T TOUCH YOUR FACE.  

HLL Board

Suspension of the HLL 2020 PRE-SEASON.


Hello again Hershey Little League (HLL) families.

As you may be aware, in the last 24 hours multiple National, State or County organizations have begun to postpone or suspend “public” activities to help minimize risk from the spreading COVID-19, (coronavirus). 

Out of an abundance of caution because it’s our social responsibility and at the request of Little League International, effective 11:59 p.m. tonight HLL is suspending all pre-season practices and scrimmages until April 6, 2020, pending further updates.  (Please note that we are not postponing or cancelling the 2020 HLL season, but are merely suspending all pre-season activities in the short-term to support the recommendations of the U.S. CDC, and the PA DOH in their efforts to combat the spread of the COVID-19 illness.) 

Thank you all in advance for your patience and understanding as we continue to make every effort to do what is in the greatest interest of our children, families and the Hershey community.  (Please use the links on this website to the U.S. CDC and PA DOH for questions related to the COVID-19 (coronavirus).

HLL Board. 

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    HLL Message about COVID-19

    Hello Hershey Little League community members,

    With the news of the increasing spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to inform you that your Hershey Little League (HLL) Board is taking this situation very seriously. We are monitoring the situation closely, and as a member of Little League International, we are following their recommendations, and the guidelines set by the World Health Organization, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the PA public health department including guidance from Dauphin County and our DTSD.

    As such, we encourage all those participating in the HLL – including players, volunteers, families, and fans – to follow the best practices as outlined by the CDC.  These currently include: washing hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (if soap and water are not available, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer); avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands; and avoid close contact with people who are sick. We also encourage you to limit close, physical contact with others (including shaking hands—players and coaches could substitute tipping caps/visors instead of shaking hands at the end of a practice or game); and make sure all players have their own water/drink bottles and are not sharing.  

    As a small, community-based Board, HLL will continue to consult with our County and Local authorities regarding recommendations and best practices on how to proceed with large gatherings of people, etc. and will update everyone with any changes in HLL programming or activities using an extreme abundance of caution as our guide. 

    Finally, if you or your child are ill; have a fever, cough, or respiratory condition; have a compromised immune system; are in any other group that may be at an increased risk of contracting a virus like the coronavirus; or have recently traveled to a country listed on the CDC’s Risk Assessment by Country, we encourage you or your child to refrain from Hershey Little League-related activities until cleared by your healthcare provider.

    Thank you for your commitment to HLL, the safety and best interest of our children and your ongoing support to both. 

    HLL Board

    Note from HLL President and Board

    Hello HLL families,

    It’s hard to believe, but Opening Day is only 48 days away and in less than a month there will be kids hitting, catching and throwing on the many fields of Hershey Little League (HLL).  On Monday, March 2nd our Minors and Majors Divisions will hold their annual “skills assessments” and then two weeks later team practices begin.  For families who are either new to the community, or joining HLL for the first time we welcome you all as well and look forward to many years together through your child’s Little League baseball experience.   

    Meanwhile, there are improvement projects being planned or already underway for those many HLL fields and your HLL Board is hard at work each day planning out the multitude of schedules, equipment and field use needs, just to list a few of their responsibilities.  Please note that all HLL fields are closed to play or practices until March 14, 2020 (weather permitting). 

    Going forward, you can stay on top of everything HLL through Facebook ® or different areas of the HLL website to stay informed of all that is happening in the 2020 season.  Important information you will receive from these resources are your child’s coaches and team assignment, details about skills assessment times, team practices, the pending 2020 game schedules, and much, much more.  There are also many “tabs” on the HLL website to peruse and learn more about HLL like how we operate, what our volunteer needs are and anything else not specifically shared via email, or Facebook.  If you still have questions prior to your player’s team assignments feel free to contact your child’s Age/League level commissioner for help and support.  Then, once the 2020 season begins, you should receive your important information and updates from your respective League Commissioners and Coaches via email, the HLL website and Facebook®. 

    Player registration continues through February 28th at 11:59 p.m.  Because scheduling and team assignments in the youngest leagues is already underway, late fees are now in effect as well.  (Any requests for exception to register after our official registration closes for T-Ball through Majors levels will need to be approved by the appropriate League Commissioner.)

    In the next few weeks we will be asking everyone to support HLL in several other ways when there will be opportunities to help prepare and set up the various baseball fields—with ten different fields used by HLL this season.  Before that we can use almost 15 adults to assist with the Majors and Minors skills assessments on 3/2/20 at In the Net.  (Please let any HLL Board member know of your willingness and ability to help out that evening—there are many more roles to fill other than throwing batting practice or fielding skills.  Our Uniforms & Equipment and Opening Day committees will also appreciate your help as they plan and hold another successful HLL Opening day on 4/18/20.

    If you are interested in volunteering to serve as a Head coach, Assistant coach, or support coach/ practice coach for HLL, please be sure to note this on your child’s registration form or inform the respective League Commissioner.  We can never have enough volunteers and we encourage everyone to get involved.  Please note that every HLL coach will need to provide the appropriate, personal information so HLL can conduct required background checks and clearances. Again, if you have any questions please contact your child’s respective League Commissioner as listed on the website.

    Finally, a significant portion of financial support to operate HLL comes from our many generous business sponsors from around the Hershey community and these funds offset the costs of player registrations and fundraising fees.  Our sponsors will be listed on the HLL website, and on the various Team jerseys.  Please take the time to thank them for their generosity and when possible, encourage your other business friends to consider sponsoring a team for Hershey Little League. 

    As always your HLL Board of Directors are here to serve and support you, the members and stakeholders of the HLL community.  Please let us know how we’re doing and we look forward to seeing everyone very soon.  

    Myron mac--HLL President

    Colts Clinic March 7th

    On March 7th from 10am to 12pm, Hershey Little League will be sponsoring its Colts Baseball Clinic at the Early Childhood Center (ECC) gym.  The ECC entrance is located at the SE corner of the building behind the elementary school.  Instruction on baseball fundamentals will be provided by Hershey High School Baseball Coach Dave Anderson, his staff, and players.  This free clinic will provide batting, throwing, and fielding instruction and practice for your Colts baseball player.  Due to space requirements at the ECC, we will be splitting the Colts division into 2 groups that day.

    • 10am - 11am - Players with the last names A through K
    • 11am - 12pm - Players with the last names L through Z

    The sessions will begin promptly at 10 & 11 am, so please arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to the start time of your child's session to sign in.  Please be sure your child brings their baseball glove, and if you have a helmet and bat, bring it along if you wish.  If not, we will have extra helmets and bats to use. 

    Majors and Minors Assessments March 2nd

    Minors & Majors assessments will be at In the Net on Monday, March 2, 6:00 - 8:00 pm.  (Arrive by 5:45 p.m. please).  Any child playing at this level must attend for skills evaluations. They will be placed on assigned teams later in the week.  Players should bring their gloves, batting helmets and league-approved bats.  (Loaner bats or helmets will be available for players to share if they forget theirs.)  Players will also be fitted for uniforms during the assessments and parent/guardian help is appreciated.  The Minors and Majors Commissioners welcome any other adults who might be able to assist in the sessions this evening.  Additional information will be shared the week prior to assessment night.   

    2020 Coaches Clinic March 1 from 3-5 pm

    Our 2020 Coaching Clinic to be held on Sunday, March 1 from 3:00 pm- 5:00 pm.  This clinic will be held at Elite Baseball, 218 S Plum St, Mount Joy, PA 17552.  Attendance is strongly encouraged for all coaches and practice assistants, especially for t-ball, colts and any new coaches. Please come out for a great learning experience. 

    Hershey Little League News