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What’s our Mission? The objective of Hershey Little League (HLL) is to implant firmly in the children of the community the ideals of: good sportsmanship, honesty, commitment, confidence, loyalty, courage and respect for authority so that they become well-adjusted, stronger and happier children who will grow to be good, decent, healthy and trustworthy citizens—while having some great fun along the way. HLL provides instructional and competitive baseball for youth of Derry Township and nearby communities from ages 4-19 years old. All Directors, Officers and Members (of HLL) shall bear in mind that the attainment of exceptional athletic skill or the winning of games is secondary, and the molding of future citizens is of prime importance.

How is HLL operated and managed? HLL operates under the Rules and Regulations of Little League International and Little League Baseball, Inc. ( “Members” of the HLL community elect a 16-member Board of Directors (Board) at annual meetings in September. The Board are vested and empowered by the HLL Constitution (2009, Updated 2015) to manage all aspects of HLL; to appoint committees, other officers or agents; or adopt rules and regulations as it may deem appropriate or desirable; to conduct the business of HLL; without conflict of interest or personal gain.

The HLL Board holds at least monthly meetings and all HLL Board meetings are open to any HLL Member in good standing with times and location posted on the HLL website in advance. HLL Members can follow the activities and updates from Board meetings via “Meeting minutes” posted on the HLL website.

By authority of the HLL Constitution and relevant Exhibits, HLL holds oversight of all baseball played under the banner of Hershey Little League. By yearly Charter, all play for 12 years and under is also governed by all Little League, International policy, principles, rules and regulations. (Play for ages 13 years and older is similarly governed by the rules and regulations of the respective leagues in which they participate.)

Can my child play on a “travel baseball” team and participate in HLL Baseball? Yes, players are welcomed and encouraged to participate in HLL baseball when they are participating in a separate “travel” (non-HLL) baseball program. If there are scheduling conflicts, parents are encouraged to communicate with the assigned HLL coach to resolve these in a way that is least disruptive to their child’s HLL team and teammates.

Where do I find important information about HLL (coaches, teams, practices, games, etc.)? HLL families can find all the necessary information on the HLL website and on Facebook and Twitter.

In 2014 HLL added the Little League Challenger Division to complement our other levels of play. The Challenger Division provides an opportunity for children with physical and developmental disabilities to participate in the HLL program, and in an environment structured to their abilities. All Challenger Division games are noncompetitive and are played on the same fields using the same equipment as all other levels of play. Through a buddy system, other HLL players can assist Challenger athletes as needed with batting, running and fielding. The value of the Challenger Division is found in the proven therapeutic and socialization benefits of playing sports; strengthening of the players’ self-esteem; and teamwork; sportsmanship and fair play for all players involved.

Facility Improvements - HLL in collaboration with DTSD and Derry Township, manages, maintains and preps our incredible ball fields.  Each year HLL typically undertakes select capital improvements that will directly enhance the field playing conditions and overall playing or viewing experience.  For example, in 2014 the Plaza Field was added to our community ball fields along with a batting cage, and a new cage also installed at the renovated Koons Park fields.  Thanks to gracious donation, sound fiscal stewardship and collaboration with DTSD/Hershey High School AD office, Memorial Field was improved over the last several years along with its bullpens.  The field dugouts were also repainted during the Spring of 2015 through the contribution of volunteers and their time.

What else is important to know from HLL?

  • An expanded Sponsorship Campaign continues to grow and support all areas of HLL Baseball.  
  • Opening Weekend - after a 2015 inaugural Community Event was a huge success, Opening Weekend or similar Opening Day events will continue for the 2020 season as well.   
  • HLL has expanded the annual “Summer Slam” Tournament where it continues as the only All-Star Tourney actually located in Hershey.  
  • HLL will continue to reach out to other baseball communities to include more “interleague” games for our Minors and Major’s teams beyond traditional, local rivalries.
  • HLL is proud to work with the Joy of Sports Foundation in our efforts to support and collaborate with other Hershey Youth Recreational Sports leagues, Derry Township School District (DTSD) and the Township of Derry Parks and Recreation Department (Township).   The goal is to improve communication, cooperation and success among all the entities that provide athletic opportunities for the children of Derry Township.  Please visit
  • HLL expanded its Fall Baseball program in 2015. The program has grown to more than 200 kids from Hershey and neighboring communities who play baseball September through early November.  Expansion included Teener's in the Hampden Fall League and competitive divisions at the younger age groups.
  • No mandated fundraising--in exchange for this families continue to request and prefer a one-time "capital funds fee" per player each season.  ($40.00--which is added to the player registration fee at registration time.)  

How can I get involved with HLL? HLL is always seeking Community Volunteers! HLL needs weekly help to continue to be a strong organization that offers the best experience possible to players of all ages and skill levels. HLL can’t possibly accomplish all that must be done to achieve this without the help of countless volunteers and community partners. There is a niche for everyone in the HLL community and together we can all support the huge workload that requires many more roles than serving as a Coach.

From early Pre-season through the end of Fall Ball we need ongoing help with a multitude of  tasks that include: post-winter field preparations, player/skills assessments support, team score keepers, Summer Slam support, uniform distribution, opening weekend events, field prep or clean up each week (or after heavy rains), concessions, “bench parents”, end-of-season field closings, photographers who can share pics on Facebook, Twitter or the website, and many, many other support opportunities not listed here.

Regardless of your talents or expertise, HLL needs and appreciates your help at any level each week because your kids will always be the real beneficiary of our efforts. Please contact any of the HLL Board members or League Commissioners to learn how you can support and get involved now.


Hershey Little League (HLL) provides Hardship Waivers and Scholarships to help youth participate in youth baseball programs in Derry Township.  

No child will be turned away due to financial hardship. If you are in need of assistance, please complete the "On Line" Hardship Waiver application.  

The Hardship Waiver request will be reviewed by the HLL Executive Board.  The registrant will be advised of the outcome and IF the waiver is granted, the HLL Board will complete the necessary on line player(s) registration.   

The Registration "FAQ" is not currently available.