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    Courtesy reminder for Hershey Youth Football and Cheerleading.

    HYFA Football and Cheerleading Registration for Fall 2021 now open

    HLL families, please see the below announcement from our youth sports colleagues at Hershey Youth Football Association (HYFA) and Cheerleading 2021,

    Hershey Youth Football Association and Cheerleading has opened registration for the 2021 season for tackle football and cheerleading for any Derry Township boys and girls in grades K-8. 

    Interested families can register online at In-person registration will be scheduled for mid-May, with more specifics to be shared soon. Additional details on the in-person registration will also be posted on HYFA’s Facebook page.

    Practices will begin in early August and the games will begin in late August, to run through late October. Teams (Pee Wee, Pony or Midget levels) that make the playoffs, will have games that could go into November. 

    If you have any questions please contact Nikki Jones at

    Covid Mitigation efforts--keep up the great work HLL community!


    Hello HLL Community.  

    The HLL BoD would like to thank you for your continued efforts to help us mitigate any potential spread of the Covid virus.  Your compliance with the expectations set forth by HLL, Derry Township School District and the Township of Derry are greatly appreciated.

    Please know that as we learn of potential exposures to covid within the community, HLL will continue to be proactive and responsive out of an abundance of caution.  Preventative steps include wiping down high-touch areas in the physical facilities around the fields and in our concessions stand; enforcement of mask-wearing during games and practices as prescribed by DTSD and Derry Township; and postponing games and practices for any teams that have had direct contact with a covid positive individual.

    Please continue to do all you can to help us maintain this vigilance and to keep our players and families safe.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to any member of the HLL Board.  


    2021 registration information


    Your child is eligible to play in Hershey Little League (HLL) if:

    For players ages 4 to 12 (as per Little League International's age determination rules), they are a resident of Derry Township, East Hanover Township, South Hanover Township, Londonderry Township, Conewago Township, or Hummelstown Borough.

    For players ages 13 to 19, they are a resident of Derry Township.  


    Challenger Division

    Cost - $60.00* Provides an opportunity for boys and girls ages 4 to 18 (or up to age 22 if still attending high school), with physical and developmental challenges to enjoy the full benefits of participation in the Hershey Little League program. Challenger games are non-competitive and played on the same fields using the same equipment as other levels of HLL play.

    Tee Ball (ages 4 – 6)

    Cost - $90.00* Entry level. Batting tee, fundamentals, safety and fun are emphasized. Score and standings are not kept. Coaches are allowed on the field to instruct. Home field is Koons Park Lower field. 1½ hour games. Safety baseball used. Games begin in early-April.

    Colts (ages 7 – 8)

    Cost - $110.00* Coach and player pitch. Coaches are allowed on the field to instruct. Standings are not kept. Home field is Koons Park Upper field. 1½ hour games. Safety balls used. Games begin in early-April.

    Minors (ages 9 – 10) and Majors (ages 11 – 12)

    Cost - $135.00* Player pitch, umpire, stealing, and competitive play. Games are scored and standings kept with playoffs and league championships. 3 innings and a 1 at-bat minimum per player each game. Home fields are North (Minors) and South (Majors). Skills evaluation held for league parity. Games begin in April. All-Star teams are selected in mid-June and All-Star play runs from late-June until late-July. If your child makes an All-Star team, there will be additional player fees. 

    Teeners (13s) (Capital Area Intermediate League)

    Cost - $170.00* Modified field dimensions (75ft bases, 54 ft pitchers mound). 2 umpires and local area travel (ex: Middletown, Hummelstown, Linglestown, Paxton). Home field is Plaza Field and Shank Park #4 (field below parking lot at top of park). Tryouts in late March to determine Hershey team assignments (may field more than one team each season). Season begins in mid-April.

    Teeners (14s) (East Shore League)

    Cost - $170.00*  Major League Baseball dimensions. Bat size restrictions ( must use -3 bats), 2 umpires and local area travel (ex: Middletown, Hummelstown, Linglestown, Paxton). Home field is Pebble Beach & Founders Park. Tryouts in late March to determine Hershey team assignments (may field more than one team each season). Season begins in mid-April.

    Teeners (15s) (Suburban League)

    Cost - $170.00  Major League Baseball dimensions. Bat size restrictions, 2 umpires and local area travel. Home field is Memorial Field. This is a like a travel team and there may be tryouts. If your child does not make this team they will play in Senior Teeners if they are 15 or in either Capital Area Intermediate or East Shore Teener league if they are under 15. Season begins in May.

    Sr. Teener/Legion (ages 16 – 19)

    Cost - $170.00  Major League Baseball dimensions. Bat size restrictions, 2 umpires and local area travel. Home field is Memorial Field. Legion is a tryout team and cuts are made. If a player does not make the Legion team they will play for Sr. Teeners. The season begins AFTER High School baseball ends which is typically in May.

    HLL BoD 2021 Season

    Hello HLL Community members:  

    Please see below your reorganized HLL Board of Directors for the 2021 Season.  As we approach the new season, please know that your BoD members are already working on all of the "behind the scenes" challenges for holding another successful HLL season.  If you have any questions please reach out to your HLL BoD members.  

    Board Member Term Begin Term End
    Argento, Dom Sept. 2018 Sept. 2021
    Bolton, Matt Sept. 2018 Sept. 2021
    Callahan, Eric Sept. 2018 Sept. 2021
    Carnecchia, Brian Sept. 2020 Sept. 2023
    Coulter, Matthew Sept. 2019 Sept. 2022
    Fackler, Aaron (President) Sept. 2019 Sept. 2022
    Garver, Jason Sept. 2019 Sept. 2022
    Gingrich, Mike (Vice President) Sept. 2020 Sept. 2023
    Hartzfeld, Steven Sept. 2018 Sept. 2021
    Johnson, Brian Sept. 2020 Sept. 2023
    McCurdy, Myron (Secretary) Sept. 2019 Sept. 2022
    Meister, Pat (Treasurer) Sept. 2018 Sept. 2021
    Nelson, Larry Sept. 2018 Sept. 2021
    Smith, Robert Sept. 2019 Sept. 2022
    Smith, Scott Sept. 2019 Sept. 2022
    Umbrell-Sevenack, Jessica Sept. 2018 Sept. 2021

    Annual HLL Board General Meeting and Elections

    2020 HLL Annual Meeting and Board Elections 9/20/20


    Hello HLL Community.  There will be several current HLL Board members completing their 3-year term this fall.  Please consider stepping up to help lead and guide HLL each month as a Board member--three year voluntary commitment.  

    The HLL Annual Meeting and board elections will be held on Sunday September 20 at 7:30 p.m.  in the downstairs of the Hershey Italian Lodge.  Covid mitigation strategies are required if attending the meeting. 

    Any volunteers interested in serving on the HLL Board should send a short bio and your interest in serving on the board ASAP to Matt Coulter, the HLL Secretary.  

      Amazon Smile

      Attn: Little League Families and Friends! Please click and bookmark this link to purchase your favorite items from Amazon. Same selection, same prices as the regular site but with an added bonus: AmazonSmile will donate a portion of all eligible sales to help our local kids play ball! Thanks for your support.

      HLL Message about COVID-19

      Hello Hershey Little League community members,

      With the news of the increasing spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to inform you that your Hershey Little League (HLL) Board is taking this situation very seriously. We are monitoring the situation closely, and as a member of Little League International, we are following their recommendations, and the guidelines set by the World Health Organization, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the PA public health department including guidance from Dauphin County and our DTSD.

      As such, we encourage all those participating in the HLL – including players, volunteers, families, and fans – to follow the best practices as outlined by the CDC.  These currently include: washing hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (if soap and water are not available, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer); avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands; and avoid close contact with people who are sick. We also encourage you to limit close, physical contact with others (including shaking hands—players and coaches could substitute tipping caps/visors instead of shaking hands at the end of a practice or game); and make sure all players have their own water/drink bottles and are not sharing.  

      As a small, community-based Board, HLL will continue to consult with our County and Local authorities regarding recommendations and best practices on how to proceed with large gatherings of people, etc. and will update everyone with any changes in HLL programming or activities using an extreme abundance of caution as our guide. 

      Finally, if you or your child are ill; have a fever, cough, or respiratory condition; have a compromised immune system; are in any other group that may be at an increased risk of contracting a virus like the coronavirus; or have recently traveled to a country listed on the CDC’s Risk Assessment by Country, we encourage you or your child to refrain from Hershey Little League-related activities until cleared by your healthcare provider.

      Thank you for your commitment to HLL, the safety and best interest of our children and your ongoing support to both. 

      HLL Board

      Hershey Little League News