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HLL/LLInt'l/CDC Player Concussion Protocol

Concussion Protocol Information

HLL Concussion Protocol and resources for Coaches, Parents, Players.

Twice a year, in January and June, Little League® provides updates to the state statutes affecting player safety throughout the program. The current information about concussionschild abuse reporting and state background check laws is available on

Also, Little League has released new information from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) with regards to concussions, and a microsite that leagues can add to their own websites for up-to-date information.

In keeping with its focus on protecting the health, safety and welfare of children, LLB requires all leagues and teams to comply with all applicable laws and recommends they review the information and training materials on concussions which are available free of charge on the Centers For Disease Control website at:

The Pennsylvania law is found at 24 P.S. Section 5321 through 24 P.S. Section 5323 of the Pennsylvania Statutes and Consolidated Statutes of the education title. (24 P.S. §§ 5321- 5323) and is entitled the Safety in Youth Sports Act.  The statute defines athletic activity to include interscholastic athletics, an athletic contest or competition sponsored by or associated with a school entity, school sponsored or associated noncompetitive cheerleading and practices, and scrimmages for all the aforementioned activities. Each year, a student participating in an athletic activity must have a parent/guardian sign acknowledgement of receipt of concussion information before the student may participate in the activity. The law requires any student suspected of sustaining a concussion must be removed from participation at that time and is not allowed to resume participation until evaluated by a medical professional and given written clearance. The law also requires that coaches receive concussion training once each school year. The sponsors of youth athletic activities not addressed by this act (Hershey Little League) are encouraged to follow the guidance set forth in the act.  

The HLL Website contains various links and resources for Parents, Coaches, players and other members designed to educate all in the proper recognition and response to any players in HLL who is suspected of having a concussion. Further information can be obtained by contacting HLL’s Safety Officer, Dr. Christopher DeFlicth.  Any player suspected of sustaining a concussion during HLL activity must be reported immediately to Dr. DeFlitch.