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Vincent Pasquini

08/17/2018, 4:30pm EDT
By HLL Board

Hershey Little League Family…

Earlier this morning, we were saddened by the loss of a long-time Hershey Little League Coach and Board Member Vincent Pasquini after a very courageous battle with cancer.  While many of our younger Hershey Little League players and families may not remember Coach Pasquini, he was an exceptional man, a great father and an incredible coach.  Vince was more than just a coach to the kids because he was very respected by his players, coaching colleagues and parents alike for making baseball both fun and challenging and at-the-same-time a place to learn and mature on the challenge of becoming young men.  (Vince was fond of saying to his fellow coaches, “Hey, I know my boys probably won’t play in the MLB, but they will have fun while they’re playing, and they will be better men for it.”)

Many of Hershey Little League’s veteran members knew Vince served the Hershey Little League Community for many years in various roles from league commissioner to Board member, and most importantly as a long-standing coach and mentor to the players for more than a decade.

Hershey Little League is very grateful for the many years of commitment and dedication that Coach Pasquini gave to the kids of Hershey Little League from T-ball through Sr. Teener.   We especially thank Carol, Vincent and Nick for sharing him with so many of us over the years. We understand that it was a sacrifice of the family’s time, but anyone who knew Vince understood that his top priorities in life were his wife and sons; then baseball; then other things; but all-the-while Vince balanced these well with a professional career that often kept him traveling all around the globe.  

While Vince’s passing this morning brought him relief and freedom from his pain and illness, we also understand that his death now brings terrible pain and sorrow to his wife Carole and their boys.  Vince’s Hershey Little League Community would like to assure the Pasquini’s that they are in our thoughts and prayers and that we are here with support in any capacity they may need.  Please reach out to Carol, Vincent and Nick over the next few weeks to remind them how much Vince was loved, how grateful their Little League community is for his life and how much we care about them still.  

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